10 best Tips for Staying Safe in Lima

Lima is a city with a lot of people of all kinds of and like other cities in the world it can be a dangerous place. To live in Lima and not make mistakes it is important to know what neighborhoods you should avoid and what things you should not do. When you are new to a city it is difficult to know about this and you have to investigate before you arrive. Living in Lima for a while is worth it for its geographical area and cultural wealth, so here I will give you some tips so you don’t make some mistakes.


Be careful with your cell phone

If your eyes are stick to your cell phone while you are in the street, you might not realize your surroundings that makes you a robbery target, thieves are looking for careless people to rob, especially if you are walking through dangerous neighborhoods of Lima. You’d better use your cell phone in a safe place like a restaurant, shop or cafeteria.

Use the right taxi

It is better to use the taxi app than to take a taxi from the street, many assaults occur in informal taxis, so my advice is to use uber or easytaxi which are 2 reliable apps, but you have to check that the driver has a good reputation.


Sometimes it is better to ignore

If you receive an insult in the street, whistle or some kind of comments while walking through the city it is better to ignore and keep walking. It may be that you do not like me very much, it is better to keep calm, walk and be safe.

Investigate before

It is better to be informed about the customs, culture and safe neighborhoods of Lima. The city can be a bit disorganized and you can easily fall into a dangerous neighborhood, that’s why you inform yourself about the safest neighborhoods in Lima before you stay.


Be careful with the traffic

One of the big problems of the city of Lima is its traffic and, above all, that the drivers do not respect the signs sometimes, that is why my advice is that you look carefully at the street before crossing it although the light is green in the traffic light.


Don’t defend yourself

If you get mugged in the street it is better to let things take away. It is better because if you defend yourself it can cause the situation to get worse. Your life is more valuable.


Use common sense

If you go out to the streets do not go through dark places, do not wear jewelry or any type of clothing that calls for it, especially do not carry much money with you.


Beware of scams

Throughout Latin America there are many scams and sometimes the prices go up a lot for foreigners, so my advice is to ask the locals before buying or taking a service.


Be careful when traveling

Many tourism companies in Peru are informal and because of this many accidents or scams occur. That is why my last advice is to always check the brand or company with which you are going to buy a tourist service.


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