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The 15 best things to do in Lima

Here you have a collection of the best things to do in Lima!   I’m  sure you didn’t know you could  do some of   these activities  in this city. The following list is according to my experience, Since 10 years ago, I’ve been living in and exploring everything . Many of these activities are free or  […]

The safest and dangerous areas of Lima

Lima is the largest city in Perú, it has a population of 9 million persons and 43 districts. If you are new to the city and look like a careless tourist, you might draw the attention of burglars or pickpockets. This happens more frequently in some districts, so you should mind where you are going […]

10 best Tips for Staying Safe in Lima

Lima is a city with a lot of people of all kinds of and like other cities in the world it can be a dangerous place. To live in Lima and not make mistakes it is important to know what neighborhoods you should avoid and what things you should not do. When you are new […]

Things about study abroad in Lima – Perú

Things about study abroad in Lima – Perú

What you will live in your study abroad in Lima If you are already very excited about your next student exchange adventure, there are some things you should know so that your experience is perfect and you prepare yourself in the visit of our beautiful country. In this article we are going to help you […]


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